Many of the homes we design are for seasonal residents in Florida. They can be less formal and more relaxed than their primary residence. So we get to have a little more fun and break some of the rules!
— Jett Thompson

Jett Thompson HOME is a full service interior design firm, with an expanded office adjacent to the store, with six team members ready to create rooms from scratch or transform existing ones.

We have a wide range of textiles, a vast directory of local artisans at our fingertips, and the benefit of Jett’s constant global travels to source vintage furniture and accessories right from the store and beyond.

We begin with an complementary consultation for local residences to determine the scope of work and discuss general design ideas.  Consultations outside of Naples will be based on an hourly rate and travel expenses. From there we make a conceptual presentation that includes fabric swatches, sketches and photography that's necessary to convey the design direction.  Once we agree on the project, a letter of agreement is signed and time line finalized.  The client has the ability to view their job online, where they can see all approved items, cost, invoices and payments.